KTM 2020 range is now available from North Yorkshire Cycles! See below for the KTM bike and parts catalogue link

Welcome to North Yorkshire Cycles

We sell new and used bikes and can service or repair your existing bike. Situated in the heart of beautiful North Yorkshire our workshop can take care of all your maintenance needs. We are agents for KTM and Shimano.

Once you’ve visited us you can take in some of England’s stunning countryside.

Collection and delivery service available

We’re not a high street retailer. We listen to your needs and supply a top quality bike that’s right for you. Whatever kind of cycling you’re into - road or mountains - we make sure your bike is set up perfectly so it’s as individual as you.

Check out the 2020 KTM range CLICK HERE - all bikes/parts available to order today from us.


Mobile: 07977 572166
Email: twotribeswheels@btinternet.com




Does your bike skip a gear when you change up or down? Do the brakes stick just a little bit? Do the pedals click when they turn? We can fix things like this. Bring us your bike for a bit of NYC TLC.

We can provide a service for those bikes that have been in the shed for a while and just need a little attention. Or we can provide a service ideal for bikes that need a little tune up but are still running reasonably well. You might have this before a long ride, or if it’s coming out of winter storage. If you're a serious biker who finds their machine is not performing as well as it used to we can have it running like new.



Here’s a list of common repairs. You are welcome to supply your own parts, or just ask us and we will get you the best price we can and ensure the parts are right for your bike.

We never undertake any work other than what we have quoted without seeking customer approval.

Tube/Tyre Replace | Bike Build | Bottom Bracket Overhaul | Brake Pad Replace | Cable Installation | Drive-train Clean | Headset Installation | Hub Adjust | Hub Overhaul | Hanger Adjust/Replace | Spoke Replacement | Wheel True | Install/Replace/Cassette | Install Chain | Miscellaneous repairs or installations